The short answer is yes. You can get a degree in philanthropic studies. Courses and enrollment are offered at some outstanding universities. 

However, A well-trained individual can make a significant difference in fundraising without that education choice. So, should you get a degree in philanthropy?

This topic will likely cause a lot of discussions. Is it discriminatory to require a bachelor’s degree to raise money for a nonprofit organization? It’s a healthy discussion to have, and many people will be talking about it. 

Although there are a few bachelor’s programs in management for nonprofit organizations, most courses, and programs focused on fundraising are at the master’s level. The Certified Fund Executive (CFRE) organization, which is a leading certification body for fundraising professionals, does not require a degree.

Most fundraisers have degrees in various fields, such as business, communications, and liberal arts. You’ll even find a few with engineering and science degrees.

Professionalism is also a factor that contributes to the belief that fundraising is a white-collar activity. The goal is to ensure that individuals involved in this profession have the necessary skills and knowledge to connect with their potential donors effectively.

The requirement for a bachelor’s degree in fundraising is troubling since the accurate measure of success is how much money you raise and how many donors you engage. In this respect, it’s similar to sales in that it’s all about results. 

If you are in the market for a new fundraising professional, consider engaging someone with a proven success track record. Before you hire a new fundraiser, make sure that you are evaluating their skills and abilities to build relationships. 

In addition to their formal or informal involvement in fundraising, you should consider other factors such as writing and demeanor to see if they fit the job. Some duties of a fundraiser include event planning, direct mail campaigns, grant proposals, and individual gift solicitations.

Although it’s generally optional for individuals to have a bachelor’s degree in fundraising, high debt loads can prevent many graduates from working for a nonprofit. 

Many think having a bachelor’s Degree makes them more capable of forming connections and soliciting gifts from wealthy individuals in their community. According to a study by William Danko and Thomas Stanley, many Americans do not have a college degree.

The reason is that, in a charitable giving environment, more than having a college degree is needed to ensure that individuals are capable of succeeding. Instead, fundraisers must have the necessary life experience.

Individuals interested in working for a nonprofit but don’t have a degree can still find a great opportunity in fundraising as a second career. Aside from skills in fundraising, life experience is also essential when it comes to interacting with donors.