Do you want to make your giving more purposeful and strategic? Or have an idea of how you can make a difference in the world through charitable giving? As the holiday season approaches, try these easy ways to make a difference in your giving.


Focus on One Area

One of the essential factors you can consider when it comes to charitable giving is focusing on one area. This can be done by limiting the number of organizations you support and making more significant gifts to those you care about. Creating a mission statement can help you track your actions and ensure that your donations significantly impact you.


Select a Highly Effective Nonprofit

Having a well-run organization can have a significant impact on the cause that you care about. Before you make a financial gift, it’s vital that you thoroughly research the organization’s operations and policies. Doing so can help you make an informed decision about choosing a good organization.


Don’t Restrict Donations

When it comes to giving, consider broadly supporting an organization you care about instead of planning on making a specific gift. This will allow the charity to use the funds on their most important priorities. Doing so will enable them to focus on their core mission and deliver better results.


Make a Recurring Commitment

If you’re a passionate supporter of a particular charity, you might consider committing to a long-term relationship with the organization. Ask the leadership team to let you know how much support they can expect and how you will contribute over time. This will allow them to plan their strategy and ensure that their donations are making a significant impact.


Partner With Other Donors

There are many ways that you can partner with other individuals to make a more significant impact on the world through charitable giving. One of the most effective ways to do this is by joining a giving circle. This can help you significantly impact by pooling resources and supporting multiple organizations.


Embrace Corporate Giving Opportunities

Many companies offer various perks for charitable giving. Some of these include matching gifts, typically used to support donations, and volunteering incentives. Before making a financial gift, ensure you have a good overview of your company’s benefits page. You can also join employee resource groups typically focused on sharing life experiences and characteristics.