Human beings crave purposeful activity and belonging, but most of the planet has been locked up at home, afraid, frustrated, and desperate for normalcy. Limiting contact with the outside world may save lives, but it sure gets boring – and mentally taxing. Parents who used to only have intense time with the kids feel overwhelmed. It’s become a running gag: (“Please open schools!”), but it doesn’t need to be. Rather than lamenting an indefinite amount of quarantine-necessitated family-time purgatory, embrace it as an opportunity to build deeper family bonds.

Family time can mean transforming everyday domestic activities into bonding experiences.

See things like exercising, meditating, cleaning, and cooking as bonding and learning opportunities when possible.


Create a Healthier Space

Being cooped up inside for months gives everyone a new perspective on what belongs in the home. As a family, develop a home improvement plan. Start with decluttering. Rearrange spaces as a family. Allow everyone input and assign age-appropriate jobs to give everyone a shared sense of purpose and ownership over the project.


Create Tidy, Efficient Workspaces

Carve out neat workspaces and places of retreat. If possible, find a private space for each family member. If there’s not enough space for everyone to have their own retreat, assign a neutral space for family members to use for alone time.


Virtual Visits

Look for museums, zoos, and sanctuaries that have opened up virtual visits to recoup lost earnings. Zoos need money to keep their animals healthy. Support them by paying their reduced rates for exclusive online visits.

Reach far-away loved ones through video messenger apps!


Worship, Meditation, and Spirituality

Maintaining religious or spiritual practices gives families a touchstone in uncertain times. There are many resources for home-bound devotees on TV and online, and tons have popped up on YouTube and religious media outlets since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis.


Together or apart, meditate. Download an app, or look for free meditation resources on YouTube and other platforms. If possible, take a walk out in nature, too. That’s a great group or individual activity.

Lastly, keep going! Brainstorm for more ideas of what to do during quarantine, and be well.