Are you looking for ways to spread holiday cheer in your local community? These are some great options for however you prefer to give, whether via your time, money, or resources. Read below for ideas on how you can support your local community during the holiday season.


Support Small Businesses

Before you order gifts from big retailers like Target and Amazon, check out the local stores in your area. Small family-owned businesses often offer unique or handmade items you can’t find at the big box stores, and buying from them helps support the local economy. Plus, those stores add a unique charm to your town, and buying from them ensures they can keep their storefronts open!


Participate in Charitable Events

There are often many charitable events around the holidays. 5ks benefiting local charities, toy drives for low-income families, and other similar events can be great ways to support local nonprofits in a fun way. These are also great opportunities to get your family or colleagues involved!


Visit the Sick and Elderly

You will need to check COVID visitor policies at your local facilities, but people spending the holidays in the hospital or assisted living facilities often love getting visitors. Contact the organization you would like to visit and see if you can set up a time to bring a group of friends to go caroling to residents.


Help Your Neighbors

Check in with your neighbors, especially those who may be elderly or have physical limitations. You may be able to help them enjoy the holiday season by shoveling snow for them or hanging Christmas decorations. Another great option is to bake festive treats to hand out to your neighbors!


Volunteer at Your Local Food Bank or Soup Kitchen

Food banks and soup kitchens generally rely heavily on volunteers to serve your community’s homeless and low-income populations. Around the holidays, many of their regular volunteers may be traveling out of town, and these organizations often have special events to bless their clients a little extra. Your time is a valuable resource for making sure those events go smoothly and ensuring they can help as many people as possible!