Everyone has the potential to make a positive impact on the community by volunteering. Getting young people involved n volunteering has many positive results because they are at a crucial stage in their development and are often the ones who can make the most significant difference in the community.

Besides being beneficial to the organizations that teenagers work with, volunteering can also help students develop their communication and life skills. To help motivate them to get involved, here are a few suggestions.


Shoe them the positive effects of volunteering by watching a documentary or talking to a staff member of a local organization. This will help them feel more engaged and motivated. Ensure that they understand the purpose of the volunteering activity by explaining how it can make a difference. This will allow them to make informed decisions when it comes to volunteering. 


Teenagers usually prefer less monitoring, and they can gain independence through volunteering. This is why you must provide them with the necessary autonomy to make their own decisions regarding volunteering. It will allow them to feel more responsible for themselves.

Lead by Example

Young people may not be the best listeners. Still, they will imitate the actions of adults in their lives. Consistently giving back to the community and volunteering at a local organization will help your teenager feel like they can make a difference.

Social Aspect

Today, teenagers are more likely to use social media than ever before. Encourage them to use their social media platforms to share their experiences while volunteering. This spreads the word about the organization and speaks to your teen on their level. 

Positive Feedback

Young people need your recognition. Thank them for their hard work and for making a difference in the community. Acknowledge their efforts by giving them positive feedback and encouraging them to continue volunteering. 

Although volunteering is a vital part of everyone’s life, it can also tremendously impact the lives of teenagers and young adults. They will change the future, so now is the time to motivate them to get involved in volunteering and give back to the community. Opening their hearts and minds to charitable efforts will help them develop positive habits and improve their lives.