Refunded tickets and cancelled cruises don’t have to spell disaster for summer fun this year. With a little imagination, homes are instantly transformed into all-inclusive resorts where the accommodations are perfectly customized and the kitchen is open 24 hours a day. When travel is impractical or impossible, a summer staycation is the perfect alternative.


The Adventure Staycation

Jet-setters who worry there is nothing for them in a staycation could not be more wrong. The internet is bursting with unprecedented private tours of world-famous cultural institutions and experiences from across the globe. Whether touring 17th and 18th century Prague with a plague doctor, or enjoying everything that virtual Cambridge has to offer, there is no shortage of options for the housebound globetrotter.


Adventurers who prefer the real world to its virtual counterpart should take the opportunity to explore their own neighborhood with fresh eyes. Now is the time to visit the nearby walking trails, order takeout from the new restaurant, and support local businesses.


The Entertainment Staycation

Destination travel may not be possible this year, but time travel is still in the cards. Drive-in movies are roaring back to life so families can enjoy a night out just like great grand-mom used to do. Maintaining social distance while catching the newest release is easy from the comfort of your own car.


For families who prefer to pick their own cinematic selections, movie projector rentals bring the big screen home. Cinephiles can enjoy their made-to-order movie marathons brought to life on the garage door. As an added bonus, the popcorn and candy only cost as much as the going rate at the local grocery store.


The Spa Staycation

A trip to the spa resort may be off the table, but a staycation is the perfect time for a little self care. The first step is turning your home into the exotic destination of your choice. Next, partners can sign up for online massage courses and take turns practicing techniques on each other’s tired muscles.


Just like vacations, staycations are easily customizable to individual interests. Whether the goal is adventure, entertainment, or relaxation, there are wonderful options at arm’s reach or within a very short drive.