High school can be a difficult time for your children no matter how old they are. Ensuring they have the proper supplies to facilitate their success will help make the start of the new school year progress more smoothly. Below is a brief list of some essential supplies you should purchase with your child. An important aspect of this process is allowing your child to make some decisions, especially pertaining to things like color and design as this freedom permits them to express themselves and feel comfortable even in an unfamiliar environment.


Writing Supplies

Though many high schools are moving to adopt more technology into their curriculums, traditional writing utensils are still important. Mechanical pencils are great for highschoolers; without needing to worry about keeping the pencil sharpened, they can devote more attention to their lessons and penmanship. Stocking up on pens is wise, too. If a student prefers writing in pen for whatever reason, you should look for pens that won’t easily bleed or smear. Highlighters are also great for endorsing effective study habits.



Handwritten notes are often preferred by students as the act of physically writing down information can help them commit it better to their memories. Notebooks, then, are another essential items for high school. Because the number and intensity of classes is bound to be different from what your child has experienced before, it’s important to find out their class schedule prior to purchasing supplies.


Organizational Aids

Binders and folders are absolute musts when it comes to preparing for high school. From past homework assignments to printed handouts, students will need to house all loose documents in a secure place so that they don’t lose anything. Additionally, carrying around an unorganized mess can cause unnecessary stress, especially when students realize they need something that has been lost in the mess.


Flash Drive

Even if your child has a school-provided computer, a flash drive is useful for larger projects that require work outside of the classroom. With a flash drive, students can work on digital assignments wherever they have computer access. Flash drives also alleviate the stress of knowing where files are; for those who do not have an assigned computer or laptop at school, storing work on a flash drive can make projects accessible on any computer.