In a world inundated with tablets, smartphones and the latest tech, it can be difficult to promote face-to-face interaction and quality family time. Add long hours at the office, exams, homework, and extracurriculars, and it’s no wonder communication and interaction are lacking in families.


Camping is a recreational pastime that not only encourages communing with nature but is known to strengthen family relationships. The benefits of camping are many, particularly for families trying to strengthen their bonds and de-stress from life’s many commitments.


Camping usually evokes thoughts of bug bites, zero electricity, and wildlife that you might otherwise see in a zoo. However, camping does not have to be a primitive activity. Proper preparation, suitable equipment, and sufficient supplies can greatly improve the camping experience. Families can benefit from the natural bonding that takes place during a camping trip. A change in environment can make children more open to trying new activities and learning new skills. From fishing to starting a fire, there are many opportunities for families to teach and learn from each other. Following instructions and solving problems also gives children a chance to learn from their parents and form a greater level of appreciation and respect for hard work.


Putting a campsite together can build confidence for parents and children. Completing or assisting in meaningful tasks such as pitching a tent can be a significant boost to a child’s self-esteem. Additionally, encouraging family members to work together to achieve the same goal promotes teamwork and interaction which are two great elements of strong relationships.


Camping also gives families some time away from electronic devices and television. Families can use this time to explore their surroundings and enjoy nature. It also provides time for meaningful one-on-one conversations and playtime with younger children. Fresh air and physical activity are also known to improve mental and physical health.


After a whole day of exploring and sharing new experiences with your loved ones, falling asleep should be quite easy. The natural light and serene surroundings can ease sleep disorders like insomnia and improve sleep quality.


Camping can be a fun, educational adventure that can unite families. Nature, teamwork, and time away from life’s many distractions provide the much-needed quality time a family needs to recuperate, re-energize and reconnect.