Many families take vacations during the summer months because work is not as busy and most children are out of school. However, vacation destinations are often busy during these months, and the weather can be hot and humid, making it difficult to relax. Many schools offer a spring break, and even if they don’t, the end of the school year can be less demanding, especially for younger children. Rather than stick with a traditional summer vacation, consider instead a spring vacation such as the ones listed below.



The Golden State has a lot to offer. Boasting the stunning Pacific Coast Highway, Disneyland, Legoland, Sea World, San Diego, Hollywood, San Francisco, beautiful white sandy beaches, and so much more, California’s sights cannot be covered in one week. Of course, not every family member will want to do or see everything California has to offer, so communicating with your family beforehand will be beneficial for planning purposes. California is temperate, and spring is the perfect time to visit.


Estes Park, Colorado

For a more rustic vacation option, visit Estes Park in Colorado. The location is near the Denver airport but retains an authentic mountain village feel to it that will appeal to family members of all ages. This vacation destination offers a host of outdoor activities from hiking to fly-fishing, and with the Rocky Mountains so close by, you and your family will have plenty of options for leisurely activities.


Road Trip

Renting an RV to go on a road trip is a great way to visit many destinations in one trip. You can go on a road trip with the intention of seeing different parts of the country or as a means of getting to a primary destination while seeing the country. A great way to involve the family is by working together to plan the trip. Identify different points family members want to see and map out a route based on these points. You may not be able to include every destination in one road trip, but that means you can make a tradition out of it and take another road trip the following spring.



If you don’t want to travel far or you want to be more cost-conscious, camping is an excellent vacation choice. Look into your region to find any nearby camping sites or national parks. As mentioned in a previous post, camping is a great opportunity for family bonding. Camping in the spring is ideal because campsites are likely not crowded and the cool evenings are excellent for sharing stories or making s’mores around a campfire.


If you are interested in taking a spring vacation, make sure you start planning months in advance and make the necessary arrangements with your job and your children’s school. You can even start a vacation count-down at home with your children to help build up excitement. Vacations are better than materialistic items because the memories last forever.